The Polish-American Business Bridge (PABB) was created to provide legal and consulting services to entrepreneurs, and particularly those in the United States and Poland, wishing to expand internationally.

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Thanks to the cooperation of two law firms located on the opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean: Fuksa Khorshid LLC seated in Chicago and Filipiak Babicz LEGAL sp.k. operating in many Polish cities, we can provide market players with comprehensive services and support for business development on both sides of the Polish-American bridge.

The Bridge is a support platform for businesses seeking an alternative for large multinational legal corporations.

Expanding business activities to an international market requires advanced and comprehensive legal support to ensure the entrepreneur that their business decisions are in full compliance with local laws and regulations.

Background research on the target country’s legal system is not always sufficient; therefore, thorough knowledge and understanding of the business and legal culture applicable in a given region is the key factor enabling a successful international expansion.

It is crucial that the knowledge on foreign policies is regularly verified and compared with the legal system of the environment from which the project that is being implemented originates.

Therefore, the advisors’ key role is to properly and fully bring together two or more individual legal and business environments, along with the needs and conditions embedded therein.

The teams in both law firms comprise lawyers, tax advisors as well as various business specialists who have extensive experience in all areas of business activity both in Poland and the United States.


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    Depending on the form in which the business will be conducted, starting a business in Poland requires meeting various formal conditions. In each case, however, an entry into the relevant register will be necessary. In Poland, business activity may be conducted in the form of sole proprietorship or, if two or more persons wish to conduct business, in the form of a civil partnership or commercial companies. To learn more about it, contact us or read our article “Ready, steady, go! Business activity in Poland”
    A person wishing to start a business in the United States has a choice of many legal forms, depending on the planned size of their business. However, it is important to remember about the characteristic division of the country into states, each of which has its own regulations, related to the functioning of legal entities conducting business activity and other matters, e.g. tax issues. Although to some extent state regulations are similar, differences may sometimes determine the attractiveness of one state over another. To learn more, read our article: Business in the USA – what is worth knowing?
    An appropriate form of activity in such a case will be to establish a limited partnership. There are two types of partners in this partnership - a limited partner, liable for the company's debts only up to a certain amount, and a general partner, liable for the company's obligations with all his assets. However, such a general partner does not have to be a natural person - it may be e.g. a limited liability company, whose only shareholder is the limited partner of the limited partnership.